Blood Pressure, Uncuffed.TM

Valencell is expected to introduce the Fingertip™ Blood Pressure Monitor, the world’s first OTC blood pressure monitor* to measure blood pressure (BP) from the finger without a cuff.

*Not FDA cleared. Not for sale in the United States.

Powered by Innovation

Our innovative Fingertip™ Blood Pressure Monitor device and mobile app will simplify how people measure and manage hypertension
Take control of your health with blood pressure measurements made easy
Paired with an easy-to-use mobile app that tracks and stores readings

Effortless and Stress-Free

Easy-to-use Fingertip™ Blood Pressure Monitor device and app
No more bulky or painful cuff
Backed by our patented biometric sensor technology

Easy-to-Use and Quick Measurement

One minute measurement
Numbers are easily visible on device and on the mobile app
Mobile app is not required to get a measurement
One-button operation
Lightweight and portable for use at home or on-the-go

Track Your Numbers

The new Valencell Fingertip™ Blood Pressure Monitor device and mobile App* will simplify blood pressure management. *Not FDA cleared. Not for sale in the US.

Monitor History + Trends

Our intuitive mobile app tracks and stores readings
View trends over time and track the frequency of your measurements

Confidently Take Care

Set reminders so you never forget to take your blood pressure
Capture and share data with your loved ones or health care provider

How it Works

Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors within the device use reflected light to measure blood flow patterns. Proprietary AI algorithms will process this information in combination with the user’s physical characteristics (age, weight, biological sex, height) to calculate a blood pressure measurement. Diastolic and systolic results are then displayed on the device’s built-in screen and transmitted via Bluetooth to the app.

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