Webinar: Using Biometric Wearables in Neuroscience and Human Behavior

Neurons firing

Valencell was pleased to host a discussion on using biometric wearables in neuroscience and human behavior with Dr. Paul Zak, FounderĀ and Chief Immersion Officer at Immersion Neuro. Immersion is doing some fascinating work in this area using the Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor powered by Valencell technology. Studies have shown human happiness substantially reduces morbidity and mortality. The neuroscience behind what brings people joy has been shown to reduce hospital and clinic visits, reduce pharmaceutical costs, and improve the quality of life. The benefits are clear, but how can we reliably know when and why people are happy?

We explored this topic and more with Dr. Zak, who is a world-renowned expert on human behavior, neuroeconomics, and neuromanagement and co-founder of Immersion Neuroscience. After 5 years of deep science on oxytocin, Paul and his team were asked by DARPA and the CIA to find a robust way to predict actions and market outcomes using neurologic measures without the expensive medical equipment or lab environment. 12 years later, they have peer-reviewed and published science on what is known as immersion and the ability to predict outcomes with an accuracy level that exceeds EEG and fMRI.

Webinar recording and slides are below. Enjoy!

Presentation Slides:

Using biometric wearables in neuroscience & human behavior from Valencell, Inc