Webinar: Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring – The Technologies and Opportunities That Are Driving Change

Cuffless blood pressure monitoring, driven by a handful core technologies, has been around for nearly a decade, but is seeing renewed growth and innovation as consumer and medical devices converge. The allure of cuffless BP monitoring is not only the benefit of seamless BP monitoring, but also the enablement of key use cases that simply aren’t practical using traditional BP cuffs. Some of these use cases may benefit from one cuffless BP monitoring technology over another. This webinar discusses the landscape of existing and emerging cuffless BP monitoring technologies and highlight some of the key use cases that cuffless BP enables.

We are pleased to have two of the world’s experts in cuffless BP to discuss these topics and share their insights:

– Matt Banet – Senior Director of R&D at Baxter, Matt was founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Sotera Wireless which created the first cuffless BP monitor to get FDA clearance. Matt then founded toSense, later acquired by Baxter, which created the first ever chest-worn patch that measures blood pressure and SpO2.
– Dr. Steven LeBoeuf – Co-founder and President of Valencell, Dr. LeBoeuf is one of the foundational innovators in wearable PPG sensors that are now embedded in millions of wearables on the market today. Inventor of more than 100 granted patents in the field of wearable biomedical sensing, LeBoeuf has developed dozens of strategic partnerships with industry leading consumer technology brands, medical professionals, research institutions, medical device manufacturers, health and fitness companies, and start-ups.

You don’t want to miss this webinar.