Wearable technology innovation in healthcare and medical devices

Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, Valencell president and co-founder, gave a presentation at IDTechEx 2016 on wearable technology innovation in healthcare and medical devices. You can access the slides below, but here’s a quick summary of the key points from the presentation:

  • Some of the more advanced wearable technology innovation in consumer wearables, particularly in biometrics (optical heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, etc.) has accelerated to the point where it is accurate enough for some medical purposes
  • In some ways the biometric capabilities of consumer wearables is actually outpacing medical technology
  • With lower costs, better form factors, and new features, advanced consumer wearables are now enabling ambulatory mobile healthcare with a focus in prevention, screening and disease management
  • One point of friction is merging the rather chaotic exploration and rapid innovation of consumer wearables with the methodical discipline of clinical validation
  • Companies that can apply medical-style validation to these innovative wearable sensor technologies are best-poised to find success in the marketplace

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Wearable technology innovation in healthcare and medical devices from Valencell