Tiny tech promises more accessible, individualized health care

April 22, 2024

Tom Snyder

Valencell Inc. was recently mentioned in the article “Tiny tech promises more accessible, individualized health care” published in WRAL TechWire. Dr. Steven LeBoeuf spoke on a panel during the “The Path to Personalized Healthcare for All” event hosted by RIoT in which the article discusses.

“Steven LeBoeuf, founder and president of Valencell pointed out that “chemistry is fast, but biology is slow.” The understanding helped him to realize that our understanding of health requires lots and lots of measurement over long periods of time. Today, Valencell’s non-invasive optical sensing technologies are in half of the wearables on the market.”

“Most recently, Valencell collected more than 40,000 clinical trial data sets on 20,000 people around the world, proving that digital measurement from a smart watch or smart earbud can measure blood pressure as accurately as the traditional inflatable cuff.  Suddenly we have the potential to see how our blood pressure fluctuates during normal, day-to-day activities, rather than a periodic measurement at a doctor visit, which for many is itself a stress-inducing activity.”

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