Raleigh firm tackles high blood pressure with new technology

July 5th, 2024

Connie Gentry

The Triangle Business Journal published an article about Valencell’s influence in the world of hypertension monitoring titled “Raleigh firm tackles high blood pressure with new technology”. Connie Gentry interviewed Dr. Steven LeBoeuf to get insight about the Fingertip™ Blood Pressure Monitor*

*Not FDA Cleared. Not for sale in the US.

“Their anecdotal assessment was fundamentally intuitive: People don’t monitor their blood pressure because grappling with a blood pressure cuff is too frustrating and problematic – versus the simplicity of using a pulse oximeter (Pulse Ox) fingertip device to measure the saturation of oxygen in the bloodstream.”

““The machine learning model will generalize across broad populations, so we collected 85,000 data sets on about 12,000 people across multiple sites,” LeBoeuf said. In addition to geographic diversity, individuals representing “all skin tones, all BMIs and all adult age ranges” were included. At the same time that optical data was being collected on each of the 12,000 people, two professionals were measuring their blood pressure manually – and all of that data went into the machine learning model.”

““Even if people like to use the fingertip solution, it needs to be something that physicians put their stamp of approval on and say they believe is better for [consumers] to use than a cuff,” LeBoeuf said. Once Valencell has completed its clinical validation study and submitted to the FDA, it will seek physician feedback.”

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