Med-Tech – Valencell plans product launches for chronic disease

Valencell, a developer of optical heart rate technology, has announced plans to launch its own branded product line in the digital health sector as it concentrates efforts to bring solutions to market to manage chronic diseases. 

The company’s first product candidate being showcased at CES is focused on helping people monitor and manage hypertension by combining an intuitive app with an innovative over-the-counter device to accurately measure blood pressure (BP) from the finger without a cuff or calibration.

Valencell’s inventions, sensor technology, and algorithms can be found in tens of millions of wearable and hearable devices, in over 90 products, for companies such as Samsung, Suunto, Bose, Jabra, Huawei, and Sony. While Valencell was established as a technology provider in consumer sports and fitness wearables, its foundational technology could aid seamless chronic disease management through digital health solutions.  Read More