CNET – CES 2023 Unveils Calibration-Free, Fingertip Blood Pressure Monitor

Caroline Igo

Valencell’s over-the-counter blood pressure monitor is pending FDA approval following its CES 2023 announcement

At CES 2023, Valencell presented what it says is the world’s first cuffless blood pressure monitor. The device doesn’t appear to be like anything else on the market. Valencell announced plans for the product in 2021 and revealed the final product at CES 2023 this Tuesday.

Valencell — the company behind sensors in your Samsung, Suunto, Bose and Jarba products — is well known in digital health. President and co-founder Steven LeBoeuf has patented more than 100 wearable biomedical sensors, with expertise in photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors.

For over a decade, Valencell has been collecting raw data with PPG technology with the hope to bring products with accurate results to market and help consumers manage chronic conditions.  Read More