Valencell tech gives you and your customers insights on how your workouts are impacting their fitness and health

Measure the impact, engage at new levels     

Valencell not only makes the biometric sensors for wearables, we are experts in generating valuable insights from wearable biometric data. In these extraordinary times when many more people are exercising at home or outdoors, we can help you engage with your members on new levels.

Using wearables or hearables to generate accurate, real-time heart rate and other biofeedback, Valencell can demonstrate the immediate and ongoing impact you are having on your members to keep them engaged for the long term.

Valencell sensors measure:

  • Heart rate – continuous and motion-tolerant even during intense activities 
  • R-R Interval (heart rate variability)
  • VO2
  • Energy expenditure, calorie burn, total calories
  • Step count, total steps, speed, pace, distance

This gives you the ability to provide your members fitness and health assessments for each workout and changes over time, such as:

  • VO2 Max 
  • Lactate threshold
  • Heart rate recovery – how quickly an individual’s heart rate comes back to normal ranges after exercise
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) metrics to indicate training status (overtrained or undertrained)
  • Cardiac efficiency – a proxy for cardiovascular fitness
  • Blood pressure – measured at rest and measured over time, blood pressure provides insights into a person’s overall health & fitness

Our technology is the most accurate on the market and has been extensively validated in high-intensity activities – see more detail in our white papers.

There are several ways to work with Valencell:

  • Build your own device – if you are interested in building a wearable or hearable of your own design, Valencell can provide the sensor technology, design guidance, assessments & analytics, help build user experiences and much more.
  • Rebrand one of our manufacturing partners – if you’d like to leverage an existing design with Valencell technology already embedded, we have an ecosystem of partners that we can recommend based on your specific needs.
  • Use one of our existing customer devices available in the market today. Here’s a list of some of our customers’ devices.


Valencell works with the top brands in the industry


We’ve found working with Valencell to be a great decision for multiple reasons. Valencell’s biometric sensor technology is extremely accurate and works very well for the form factors we want to build. It’s a comprehensive solution that is helping Jabra bring successful biometric wearables to market.

– Lars Bohn, Application & Partnership Director, GN Audio (Jabra)

Valencell quite simply has the best heart rate sensor technology available today. But it’s much more than just the technology itself. It’s the complete solution ecosystem that integrates technology, robust testing and validation, and manufacturing expertise that sets Valencell apart. Working with them has helped us create one of the most awarded, super-accurate, and most comfortable heart rate monitors on the market.

– Chris Cowles, Scosche Industries Inc.

Working with Valencell’s evaluation kit was plug-and-play. We were up and running with a true working prototype and customized software within hours. The biometric data from the Benchmark sensor was dramatically better than any of the other dozen sensors we had tested. Our ability to accelerate the development of the first biometric wearable to stop bedwetting in children was magnified three to five times.

– Jon Coble, GOGO Band

Accuracy is a key to what we do at Atlas Wearables and we chose to work with Valencell because they share that same philosophy. Their technology is state-of-the-art, their team are experts in the field of biometric sensors, and they helped us create a breakthrough wearable device for a completely new way of fitness training.

– Peter Li, Atlas Wearables

Having the first-mover advantage is critical in a highly-competitive market segment like wearables. Thanks to our partners at Valencell and their vetted HR Sensor technology and evaluation kit, KidzTek was able to design, develop and review the prototypes of TRAK, the first ever biometric safety product for young athletes in record time! 

– Jack Peterson, KidzTek

We are very pleased to be partnering with Valencell, the leader in wearable biometric sensor technology, to bring our HR-SENSE smart earphones to market. Valencell’s technology is the gold standard in biometric sensor accuracy for wearables and they have some of the world’s foremost experts in wearable biometric technology.

– Sven Rees, Bioconnected

Measure the impact, engage at new levels     

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