Partnering with Sonion for Hearables and Hearing Health

Partnering with Sonion, the global leader in micro acoustic and micro mechanical technologies and solutions for hearing instruments and specialty earphones, expands the boundaries for the use of biometric sensors in the ear. In the partnership, Valencell provides the industry’s most advanced biometric sensor modules for hearables and wearables, which Sonion will optimize for size, power consumption, and cost for in-ear and on-ear applications. The partnership focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing biometric sensing ear modules for the medical, hearing health, consumer and professional communications markets. 

The partnership leverages Valencell’s expertise and experience as a leader in wearable biometrics and Sonion’s more than 40 years of experience as a leader in the development and manufacturing of products for the hearing health market. Under the partnership, Sonion will introduce a wide range of sensor modules for different applications in the ear and Valencell will continue to further develop its innovative portfolio of advanced, accurate biometric sensor capabilities for all form factors.

Sonion will also integrate its world-class balanced armature speakers among other components as part of the sensor modules. Sonion’s manufacturing expertise in miniaturized components for ear-based devices is expected to result in significant reductions to the size, cost, and power consumption of photoplethysmography (PPG)-based sensors for continuous heart rate, blood pressure, and other medical monitoring and fitness/wellness related functionalities into hearables, hearing aids and other ear-level devices. 

The markets for hearables and hearing health devices are both predicted to show steady growth. The consumer hearables segment is expected to grow at 48% CAGR through 2022, according to IDC, while the hearing health market is expected to continue to demonstrate stable growth numbers and increase 22% over the same period according to  

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