Valencell and Sonion select Maxim component to reduce size by 66%, combined with market leading accuracy, design flexibility, and advanced biometric measurements from Valencell tech in Benchmark BE5.0 biometric sensor

Raleigh, N.C. – January 7, 2019 – Valencell, the leading innovator in biometric sensor technology, today announces the next generation of its high-performance, low-power BenchmarkÒbiometric sensor series for hearables. Designed in collaboration with strategic partner, Sonion A/S, Benchmark BE5.0 is designed to advance the metrics that can be accurately measured with a PPG sensor, while reducing power consumption to improve overall battery life. BE5.0 will also provide the platform to deliver cutting edge features in the future including motion-tolerant R-R interval, blood pressure and motion-tolerant multi-wavelength applications in one module. BE5.0 will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 Tuesday, January 8 through Friday, January 11 in the Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, in Booth #44006.

“Since the company’s founding, Valencell has chosen not to compete with silicon providers but rather to collaborate with them by breathing life into sensor and processor components with our technology and expertise,” said Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, co-founder and president of Valencell. “That decision has continued to pay off as we focus on what we do best – providing the marketplace with complete biometric sensor systems for wearables with the highest levels of accuracy to enable long sought-after use cases.”

Valencell worked on BE5.0 with several of the leading semiconductor companies, including Maxim Integratedand Ambiq Micro, along with its strategic partner Sonion a/s. Valencell and Sonion selected Maxim as a new collaboration partner because of the extreme size and power limitations in consumer earbuds and hearables. Maxim has helped Valencell accelerate the development of BE5.0, making it 66 percent smaller, while Valencell has been able to maintain the highest levels of accuracy in that smaller package. BE5.0 allows for flexibility in design and comfort, enabling customers to place the sensor in locations other than the bottom of the concha.

“Maxim and Valencell share a passion for accelerating the advancement of hearables by accurately measuring various health parameters and together look forward to making industry advancements,” said Andrew Baker, managing director of the Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “By collaborating with Valencell, Maxim can expand the reach of its advanced wearable sensor platforms to enable even more compelling use cases.”

Valencell’s Benchmark® sensor systems and Sonion’s Advanced Audio+ technology will be on display at the CES booth December Tuesday, January 8 through Friday, January 11 located in Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D at the Venetian in Booth #44006. For a media briefing please contact

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Valencell produces the most accurate wearable biometric sensor systems in the world and provides this patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile device and accessory makers, medical device makers, sports and fitness brands and gaming companies for integration into their products. Valencell’s technology can be used in wearables and hearables for virtually anyone, anywhere, doing anything. Their technology is scalable to multiple form-factors such as earbuds, smartwatches, armbands and wrist devices and is currently integrated into more biometric wearable devices than any other technology provider in the world.

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