NIH SBIR Grant # 2R44DK083141-02: Valencell has been awarded a  to clinically validate a scalable and seamless energy expenditure monitoring platform for accurately measuring caloric consumption and expenditure in mass markets. The company is currently commercializing proprietary Healthset® technology, which gives audio headsets, music headphones, and earbuds the ability to monitor vital signs (heart rate, respiration rate, VO2max, and metabolic rate) and physical activity (distance traveled, speed, and calories burned). Under the Phase II grant, Valencell will validate a seamless mobile platform for highly accurate energy balance monitoring in both clinical and real-world settings. As differentiating innovations, this mobile platform will provide: 1) clinically accurate energy balance assessments, 2) seamless integration with mobile devices that people already use each day, and 3) a scalable solution for mHealth.