We’re happy to announce the launch of the PerformTek-powered iriver On biometric sports audio headset in Korea and Japan!  Here’s is a link to the product site:  http://product.iriver.co.kr/product/productview.aspx?itcode=413509.

The iriver On is a stereo Bluetooth sports audio headset specially designed for exercise.  Powered by PerformTek, the iriver On contains a fitness sensor in the right earbud of the stereo headset.  The fitness sensor measures your heart rate, running cadence, speed, distance, calories burned, and VO2max.  Using the iriver On mobile app, you can view your biometric data in real time and post-workout, as well as listen to your favorite music as you exercise. The app also gives you the option to be guided during your exercise with real-time audio feedback, helping you stay in the right heart rate zone.

For those of you not in Korea and Japan, we’ll keep you abreast of when you can buy the iriver On in North American and elsewhere.

iriver On image_413509_1