Dr. Steven LeBoeuf presenting at The Body Computing Conference 4.0 at the University of Southern California September 24, 2010
The Body Computing Conference was founded by Dr. Leslie Saxon, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine USC school of medicine and veteran of networked health monitoring. Body Computing brings together representatives from the fields of wireless, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, investment banking, and governmental organizations to educate and discuss how networked physiological monitoring can improve the quality of life of patients.

Dr. Steven LeBoeuf is a co founder, the President and CEO of Valencell, Inc, which is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. LeBoeuf will present Valencell’s Healthset® solution which integrates a fitness sensor directly into music earbuds and headsets to create a single device that serves multiple functions. While consumers exercise, they will simultaneously enjoy their music and gather real-time heart rate, calories burned, distance and aerobic capacity (VO2) through earbuds and headsets that they are already used to wearing. This information is displayed through fitness applications on their mobile phones, mp3 players and online communities to provide valuable insight into their fitness progress as performance goals are achieved. At Valencell, we believe that fitness is the gateway to health and as increasingly more people embrace what their bodies are telling them, entertaining uses of mobile monitoring technologies will create increased awareness for both mobile fitness and mobile health.