Frewquently Asked Questions

Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, contact us at

What does Valencell do?

Valencell develops high-performance biometric sensor solutions and enables this patent-protected technology to be integrated into wearables and personal health devices. Valencell provides value in 4 primary ways:

  • Hardware – Valencell has proven accurate hardware and optomechanical designs that are available in Valencell Benchmark® sensor systems, as well as licensing of full reference designs for wearables and hearables.
  • Software – Valencell provides highly accurate algorithms, firmware, and physiological assessments, all designed to work together with Valencell’s hardware.
  • Testing & Validation services – Valencell conducts prototype testing, use case validation, independent validation studies, and provides scale testing tools to ensure your devices work well from prototype to mass production.
  • Expertise & Experience – Valencell’s team has more combined experience in design, manufacturing, and user experience for biometric wearables. We know what works and what pitfalls to avoid throughout the design, development, and production phases of your product lifecycle.
How does Valencell’s technology work?

Valencell uses the PPG methodology of shining light into the body and measuring the light reflected from blood flow. Valencell’s technology is encompassed in our Benchmark® sensor systems, which are complete biometric sensor systems that include all the hardware, optomechanical design, firmware and algorithms for highly accurate biometrics in wearables of all shapes and sizes. For more information about how the technology works, check out the PPG Sensors page to see how Valencell’s sensor technology measures real-time biometrics in wearables.

How can I implement Valencell sensor technology into the wearable I’m building?

We work with each of our customers to create a partnership and develop the right solution. Depending on your technological needs and desired form factor, we have different approaches to help you integrate our tech into your idea. Learn more on our Access page.

What is the Benchmark® Sensor System?

Benchmark® sensor systems incorporate all Valencell PerformTek biometric sensor technology in a pre-packaged system for immediate integration in wearables of all kinds. 

Valencell Benchmarks are complete biometric sensor systems that include all the hardware, optomechanical design, firmware and algorithms for highly accurate biometrics in wearables of all shapes and sizes. Benchmarks are ready to design into your wearable device today. Benchmark sensor systems mitigate schedule or technical risk associated with validating the biometric technology, because they incorporate all the best Valencell has to offer in a ready-to-integrate module. Valencell Benchmark is available in two versions:

-Benchmark Wearable (BW) for biometric wrist/arm wearables
-Benchmark Ear (BE) for biometric earbud hearables

Learn more on our Access page.


What does Valencell sensor technology measure?

When integrated into standard audio earbuds, arm bands and wrist devices, our technology enables real-time monitoring of physical performance, fitness, and health status. We currently offer the following metrics:

  • Continuous heart rate
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate zone
  • R-R Interval
  • Heart rate variability
  • Cardiac efficiency
  • VO2 caloric burn rate, and total calories
  • VO2 max (aerobic fitness)
  • Pace and distance
  • Step rate (cadence) and total steps
  • Cycling cadence
  • Raw accelerometer data

Valencell is continuing to innovate and bring new metrics to market. If you are interested in seeing a detailed roadmap, please reach out to

What are the price points and where can I buy Valencell-powered products?
As a technology development and enablement company, Valencell doesn’t control the retail price point of products powered by our sensor technology or where they will be sold. Visit our Customers page to learn more about Valencell-powered products.
Where can I find additional product documentation?

Valencell provides many levels of documentation. Valencell Benchmark® sensor datasheets can be found on our Access page. Additional documentation, such as user guides, integration guides, 3D CAD, design examples, PerformTek app details, and more, are available through Sharefile. To receive access to Benchmark Sharefile folders, please reach out to

Why did Valencell partner with Sonion?

Valencell strives to provide the industry’s most advanced biometric sensor modules for hearables and wearables. Partnering with Sonion, the global leader in micro acoustic and micro mechanical technologies and solutions for hearing instruments and specialty earphones, expands the boundaries for the use of biometric sensors in the ear. The partnership focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing biometric sensing ear modules for the medical, hearing health, consumer and professional communications markets. Learn More

Is Valencell hiring?
Yes! We’re a fast-growing technology development and enablement company at the cutting-edge of fitness and personal health technology. To learn more about open positions at Valencell, check out our current listings. For more information on internships and positions at Valencell, send an email with your resume to
Can I participate in validation studies or product testing?

We’d like to hear from you! Contact Dr. Chris Eschbach to learn about participating in validation studies or product testing at Valencell. Be sure to tell him your story, how you heard of Valencell and why you think our technology can help you.

I want to see Valencell in action.

The best way to see Valencell in action is to get an Evaluation Kit and test it out for yourself. You can get more information about Evaluation Kits here. You can also visit our YouTube playlist covering the following topics and many more:

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