Global reach brings an extensive ecosystem of partners

Better partners. Better products.

We have an extensive array of partners around the world who are a vital part of the processing in bringing successful biometric products to market. Our global ecosystem spans 4 continents with partners such as:

  • Chip partners including STMicroelectronics, Ambiq, and TI
  • Supply Chain partners & distributors like Avnet & EDOM
  • App Vendors including Strava, Wahoo, Runkeeper, Runtastic and more


Valencell Ecosystem

All of our Contract Manufacturers (CMs)/ Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) have experience building biometrics wearables in your chosen form factor.


16 certified CM’s/ODM’s
8 chip vendors
7 supply chain partners
2 global distributors

Valencell Ecosystem Map


The Valencell Certification Program ensures quality, repeatability and worker safety in the product manufacturing and quality control process. Our program certifies the engineering and manufacturing capabilities, equipment, and working environments of CM’s and ODM’s that build Valencell-powered products. This includes regular site visits to validate that certification requirements are met now and in the future.

We ensure that you’re only working with established partners who have proven experience designing and building biometric wearable technology in your form factor of choice.

In addition, we mitigate brand risk by ensuring the quality of the working conditions and labor policies at manufacturing partners.

To find out more about how you can leverage Valencell’s technology and ecosystem, contact us at

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