Valencell is seeking research partnerships for its

groundbreaking cuff-less, calibration-free

blood pressure monitoring technology.

Valencell Blood Pressure Research Collaboration

Valencell has developed the world’s first calibration-free, cuff-less blood pressure monitoring technology for wearables. The technology works using PPG-only in the ear or at the finger or wrist – no ECG, no pulse transit time or other methodology. That means one sensor, one location on the body for simple integration and ease-of-use. The technology can be integrated into consumer earbuds, hearing aids, or finger based implementations on mobile devices, pulse ox clips or other similar devices. Click here for more information on Valencell’s blood pressure technology.

Valencell seeks research units with experience and capable of gathering blood measures from hypertensive patients (in a resting condition). Research partners shall have access to a “Stage 2” hypertensive population with systolic blood pressure over 140 mmHg and have the ability to collect both auscultatory and oscillometric blood pressure. You can find more detail on the data collection, testing devices, and test protocol here.

Valencell will compensate research partners at a competitive rate.

If you are interested in partnering with Valencell on this research, please provide some additional information about your research team and capabilities: