The inaugural Firstbeat HRV Summit was held April 20-21, 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. During the event, Firstbeat and Valencell announced a cooperative effort between the two industry leaders to push the boundaries of what these technologies have to offer.

In this short interview, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, Valencell Co-Founder and President, talks sensor technology, the challenges of building great wearables and four key issues wearable developers are facing.
1. Is the data accurate?
2. How do you know that the data is accurate?
3. Is it comfortable?
4. Is it powered in a way that supports battery life?


Why combine accurate biometrics and physiological analytics? Dr. LeBoeuf outlines ways this combination is capable of transforming data into information that people can actually use. Biometric sensors and analytics can unlock the possibility of user fitness and stress detection, answer questions about fatigue levels and recovery patterns, and validate exercise programs and prescriptions.

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