Scosche Industries had a problem in 2013. Their original Scosche Rhythm product launched that year was not well received. “One-star reviews on Amazon can really hurt a product’s sales,” said Jon Ham, Sales and Marketing at Scosche Industries. However, the product had showed there was significant market interest in a product that would provide accurate heart rate readings during exercise in a form factor that was much more comfortable that the chest straps that many people used at the time.

Their challenge was to build a product to meet that market interest, so they set out to build the next generation device, what would become known as the Scosche Rhythm+, which is now one of the most accurate optical heart rate monitors on the market today.

Scosche bike    Scosche runner 2

This is the story of the Scosche Rhythm+. Click on the success story below to download:

Scosche success story