Today Valencell introduced BenchmarkTM, the world’s first highly-accurate, pre-packaged biometric sensor system. Valencell has had highly accurate biometric sensor technology for some time now, so you may be asking what’s new about Benchmark?

Before we answer that it’s important to know why we launched Benchmark. We found we were encountering two situations fairly regularly over the last 12-18 months:

  • Some customers had either tried to create biometric sensor technology on their own or used a partial solution for a “heart rate monitor” with a sensor and some free algorithms. These customers found that it’s extremely difficult to do heart rate and biometrics accurately, particularly to get accurate results during any kind of activity – walking, running, jumping, typing, etc. And if it doesn’t work, your user experience doesn’t meet expectations, the product gets bad reviews, and ultimately doesn’t sell at the volumes you had hoped. Back to the drawing board.
  • Other customers wanted to use our technology, but didn’t want to pursue a licensing path because they had a design that didn’t require any customization and/or they wanted to get to market quickly with their biometric wearable device. These customers needed something they could “plug in” to their design and it would work accurately.

We found we could help both sets of customers by creating a pre-packaged biometric sensor system that encompassed all of Valencell’s patented optomechanical designs, advanced algorithms, and biometric product development and manufacturing expertise. The result is Benchmark.

Benchmark provides the patent-protected, high-performance biometric technology that customers have come to expect from Valencell, but in a pre-packaged system that accelerates time-to-market and streamlines product development for wearables.

Working with some early beta customers, we’ve found that Benchmark provides some compelling benefits:

  • Product development lifecycles can be shortened by approximately 2-4 months, depending on the project.
  • The shortened lifecycles lead to as much as $500,000 in cost savings because you don’t need set up manufacturing and tooling processes and you significantly minimize engineering development effort.
  • Benchmark also reduces schedule risks associated with doing technical validation on the biometric system, because that’s already been done for you by Valencell.

Our beta customers have certainly liked Benchmark and we think you will too. Check out more information on the Benchmark product or contact us here.