Some of the most popular posts on the Valencell blog have to do with biometric wearable accuracy, so we have compiled three of our most popular posts on the topic into an e-book as a free resource to anyone who is interested in learning more about accuracy in biometric wearables.

Accuracy in biometric wearables is critical for enabling the most compelling use cases in sports, fitness and health. The claims are big and the stakes are high, but the reality is that the industry is struggling to generate these metrics with enough accuracy to impact fitness training and health management.

The three sections of the e-book include:

  • Why accuracy matters in biometric wearables
  • How accuracy actually happens
  • Making accurate biometric wearables that scale


Click the cover below to download the whitepaper for free and let us know if we can help you build the next great biometric wearable!

Biometric Wearable Accuracy ebook