Utilizing Valencell Technology in Your Devices

Sensor Systems

Benchmark® sensor systems incorporate all Valencell PerformTek® biometric sensor technology in a pre-packaged system for immediate integration in wearables of all kinds.

Benchmark Design

Valencell Benchmarks are complete biometric sensor systems that include all the hardware, optomechanical design, firmware and algorithms for highly accurate biometrics in wearables of all shapes and sizes. Benchmarks are ready to design into your wearable device today. Benchmark sensor systems mitigate schedule and technical risk associated with validating the biometric technology, because they incorporate all the best Valencell has to offer in a ready-to-integrate module.

Valencell Benchmark is available in two versions:

  1. Benchmark Wearable (BW) for biometric wrist/arm wearables
  2. Benchmark Ear (BE) for biometric earbud hearables

Data sheets are available for:

Additional documentation is available by request, including application notes, communications protocols, design examples, and more. 


Benchmark Design
  • Emitter/detector sensor electronics
  • State-of-the-art active signal characterization to remove noise from optical signals during heavy activity and challenging environments
  • Low-power accelerometer to track activity
  • Light-guiding optomechanics to provide excellent optical coupling to the user’s skin

Valencell offers a menu of product planning and engineering support services for all our Benchmark customers. Contact us if you need more information.

Benchmark Metrics and Communications

The integrated PerformTek® processor converts sensor data into clinically-validated biometric measurements and assessments such as:

  • Continuous Heart Rate, resting heart rate, heart rate response and recovery
  • R-R interval (RRi) for heart rate variability (HRV) and other metrics
  • Respiration rate
  • Multi-wavelength outputs for SpO2
  • Cardiac efficiency
  • VO2 and VO2 max
  • Step counting
  • Running cadence, distance, and speed
  • Energy expenditure / calories burned
  • And many more

The PerformTek® processor contained in Benchmark communicates with your host processor using a simple UART or I2C interface protocol. Benchmark is 100% tested for optical and sensor performance at the factory using proprietary optical testing systems developed by Valencell.

Module Design & Function

Why Use Benchmark

  • Clinically validated accuracy equal or close to a chest strap (depending on sensor location)
  • Shorten product lifecycle by 2-4 months on average
  • As much as $500,000 cost savings in manufacturing set-up and tooling processes and engineering development effort
  • Access to Valencell’s advanced biometrics roadmap, including blood pressure, breathing rate, cardiac efficiency, and much more
  • Access to testing & validation in our Biometrics Lab
  • Rapid time-to-market; no licensing required
  • Low power consumption solution with average operating current less than 1mA
  • Strong patent protection from the most highly-cited patent portfolio in wearable biometrics

Product Licensing

Another way to work with Valencell technology is through product licensing. Our PerformTek® Precision Biometrics technology integrates seamlessly with your wearable and hearable products. We provide a comprehensive patent-protected product licensing package that includes:

  • Optomechanical biometric design guidance & reference designs for your desired form factor
  • DSP chip loaded with our biometric firmware & algorithms
  • Simple communications & data integration through our PerformTek® API (application programming interface)
  • Engineering support from Valencell’s world-class mechanical, electrical, & optical engineers
  • Testing & validation support from Valencell’s Biometrics Lab
  • Product manufacturing expertise with access to Valencell’s global ecosystem of manufacturing & supply chain partners
  • Marketing support including messaging, positioning, launch activities, events, & other in-market support
Access Valencell Technology

As a licensee, you have access to Valencell’s highly cited patent portfolio and our comprehensive R&D team of experts. It’s the perfect combination of mechanical engineering, signal processing skills, and exercise physiology leadership. We offer product licensing partners a true technology platform in addition to a rich product roadmap for current and future products.

Licensing Benefits

  • Provide comprehensive engineering support

  • Help licensees develop storyboards for desired product use case

  • Integrate the biometric sensor technology into products

  • Monitor the quality of optomechanical biometric sensor development during manufacturing

  • Certify biometric accuracy of final wearable product
To find out more about product licensing, contact us today!

Patent Licensing

Patent licensing provides access to Valencell’s inventions and patent portfolio without access to Valencell’s technology products and support. For those customers who feel they do not need access to Valencell’s technology products or development support, we provide the ability to license our highly-cited patent portfolio. Patent licenses are non-exclusive and apply to specific devices under development.

To find out more about patent licensing, email
Valencell Patent Licensing