We Work with a Global Ecosystem of Partners to Help You Deliver Award-Winning Wearable Technology

Bringing a successful biometric wearable product to market requires a broad array of partners across the supply and demand chains, including:

  • Chip vendors such as ST Micro, Silicon Labs, and Maxim
  • Contract Manufacturers (CM’s) /Original Design Manufacturers (ODM’s) that have experience building high-quality wearable tech in your chosen form factor
  • Supply Chain partners and Distributors such as Avnet, Arrow, and EDOM
  • App vendors such as Under Armour, Runkeeper, Runtastic, and many more 

Working with Valencell gives you immediate access to a global ecosystem of partners that spans:

  •  16 Valencell-certified CM’s/ODM’s 
  •  8 chip vendors
  •  7 supply chain partners
  •  2 global distributors
  •  Numerous other partners in the areas of product launch and user experience, including PR/media relationships, health/fitness app vendors, and academic and research organizations providing independent technology validation.

Valencell's Global Footprint

Extensive Supply and Manufacturing Partner Network

Valencell customers have used our technology and this ecosystem to create award-winning products including: 

2015 CES Innovation Awards Red Dot Award Winner Top Ten Reviews Excellence Award Twice VIP Award 2015 2014 CES Hot Stuff Womens Running Award



Valencell Certification Program

We created the Valencell Certification Program to ensure quality, repeatability and worker safety in the product manufacturing and quality control process. The Program certifies the engineering and manufacturing capabilities, equipment, and working environments of CM’s and ODM’s that build Valencell-powered products. The process also includes regular site visits to validate certification requirements are met now and in the future. 

This ensures you can work with established partners who have proven experience designing and building biometric wearable technology in your form factor of choice. In addition, brand risk is mitigated by ensuring the quality of the working conditions and labor policies at manufacturing partners.    

To find out more about how you can leverage Valencell’s technology and ecosystem, we welcome you to reach us at

Check out a few short videos on the Valencell ecosystem and working with Valencell: 

Partnering: Expert Biometric Technology Engineers   


Valencell Delivering Value for our Partners

Leading Biometric Technology for Wearables   


Leading Biometric Technology for Wireless