Biometrics Lab

Testing Ground for Biometric Wearable Technology

The Valencell Biometrics Lab is an exercise science lab designed to push biometric wearable products to their breaking points. Lead by PhD exercise physiologist Dr. Chris Eschbach, the Lab puts our customers’ product prototypes through a battery of testing protocols and activity sets. We then analyze and validate the data to determine real-world accuracy and identify improvements to product design and performance. The process continues until we demonstrate the product will deliver highly accurate biometric measurements on anyone, doing anything, at any time. The Lab also evaluates biometric wearable products that are not powered by Valencell to identify strengths and weaknesses of all technologies and products on the market today.

The Valencell Biometrics Lab is one of the most experienced biometrics labs in the world, testing over 400 different devices per year from the leading wearable tech companies. On a monthly basis the Lab:

  • Conducts over 2000 different device tests 
  • Analyses over 1 million biometric data points
  • Measures over 100 hours of testing & validation exercise

Biometrics Lab - Rowing Machine    Biometrics Lab - Squat Rack    Biometrics Lab - Treadmills


Intensive testing and validation of wearable technology is crucial to bringing a successful device to market, because these devices must provide consistent and accurate data on a wide range of people doing a variety of activities at different intensity levels. The Valencell Biometrics Lab uses 25 different testing protocols designed to push products to their breaking points to identify how well they work in any situation:

  • Walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming, rowing, gym exercises, lifestyle activities, and much more
  • Steady-state, dynamic pacing, and high intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Indoor and outdoor testing
  • Test subjects that vary in age, sex, fitness levels, skin tones, and body types
  • Various biometric assessments including VO2 max, cardiac efficiency, heart rate variability (RRi), and blood pressure

The Lab also contributes to Valencell's research and development of new technology related to physiological biometrics as applied to fitness, exercise, personal health, and military situations. You can find examples of the Lab’s research on biometrics and wearable technology here

The Valencell Biometrics Lab is always looking for volunteers to test the latest and greatest biometrics wearable technology in the Lab, so if you’d like to give it a try, please email us at

Check out the Valencell Biometrics Lab in action:


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Clinically Validated Biometric Wearable Technology


Clinically Validated Biometric Wearable Technology

How does Valencell Validate its Technology


How does Valencell Validate its Technology?